Dave’s Bridge Bio

Dave Glandorf's accreditations

Teaching Awards:
ABTA Teacher of the Year in 2016
ACBL Teacher of the Year for District 16 in 2018
A Set of Six Textbooks and Companion Workbooks for Beginning Bridge 


Yes, No or Maybe...A New Way to Learn Bridge

Books and Workbooks for Beginning Bridge


Dave has taught Beginning Bridge to over 200 students!



2022 Bridge Handbook

Dave Glandorf’s 2022 Brige Handbook of Classes


Dave teaches in-person classes at Clear Lake Bridge Club.

        16614 Sea Lark Road

        Houston, Tx  77062


Dave's course Handbook provides descriptions of the various classes, the annual schedule and registration procedure.  


Dave offers discounts for those students wanting to repeat a class.  Students often find value in attending a class the second time.

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Meet Dave Glandorf !

Dave's Contact information

Phone: 713-628-0030

Email: drglandorf@sbcglobal.net

Dave's Teaching Philosophy

Dave loves the Face-to-Face teaching style...in part because students often bond in the process of learning.  Bridge school is another place where students make bridge friends and develop partnerships.

Taken from Dave's book:

"After several years of teaching beginner and intermediate bridge using the ACBL Series, I realized that students with limited past experience struggled significantly with the task of simultaneously learning the intracacies of bidding, playing the cards as declarer and reasonably defending the deal.  In particular, I observed that the demands of learning the fundamentals of bidding often adversely impacted their ability to study and comprehend the fundamentals of declarer play and defense. 

I concluded that part of the problem was that the students were trying to learn how to bid using a memorization process rather than a logical sequential thought process."

Dave began to present the basic bidding topics from the ACBL series in a somewhat different manner, consisting of forming a few basic questions to guide bidding decsions:  with each subsequent bid, the partners ask themselves and each other "Yes, No or Maybe".  

Incorporating a style of teaching known as 'Mini-bridge', Dave's system was further refined to the point that he developed and published his book/workbook series "YES, NO or MAYBE...A NEW WAY TO LEARN BRIDGE"

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