What’s in it for me?


Volunteering is especially beneficial for new bridge players. 


Intermediate & Newcomers (I/N) have the opportunity to meet other I/Ns who are in the early stage of their bridge “careers”.  We  often do not have long-time Bridge Partners, a large commitment to a particular bridge club or travel extensively to Tournaments.  While volunteering, you will~

  • Expand your social connections
  • Meet potential bridge partners
  • Learn how the mechanics of bridge tournaments work
  • Learn what it takes to manage a bridge club
  • Gain an understanding of the ACBL community at-large


Good for you....good for our friends....good for bridge!


Getting Involved ~ Volunteer

  • Volunteers!

    Meet our Volunteers!

    It’s a “labor of love” that keeps our community and game humming along - we hope you will join us! There are many small tasks that benefit our game. Some examples: Matchmaking—facilitating the Partnerships among strangers (these partnerships can lead to long term friendships and bridge success!). Technology...are you good with websites, databases, online instruction? Hospitality—are you the ‘hostess with the mostest’ or just great at organizing a get-together...we can ALWAYS use your skills! Chores...even the mundane ‘needs doing’...will you volunteer to help your club by making boards, stocking the snack bar, make coffee, do a little shopping? You name it...it needs doing!

  • Sam Khayatt

    FLM Chair

    Sam is a Member of Bridge Club of Houston, 2021 District Teacher of the Year, the D16 I/N Chair and perennial volunteer at Tournaments (look for her at Hospitality!). Sam worked with Cindy Cox during the pandemic to develop the Choose Houston Virtual Club.

    SAM SAYS: The best thing about bridge is the people who play it! Spending time with a group of engaged, smart, enthusiastic players is just plain fun😁

  • Janice Hardcastle

    Social Event Chair

    Janice is a Board Member at the Bridge Club of Houston. Janice regularly Chairs or CoChairs the 499er NLM Tournaments held 5 times a year at BCOH.

    Janice is travels to bridge tournaments all over! We expect she will return home with great party ideas...stay tuned for Social Events organized by Janice!

  • Mary Ellen Vail

    BBO FLM Game Mgr

    Mary Ellen is a Member of Clear Lake Bridge Club and has been involved with FLM since its inception…she has been the ‘game manager’ of our Tuesday afternoon 0-50 masterpoint game on BBO which started during the Pandemic.

  • Betty Westbrook

    Marketing & Volunteer Development

    Betty is a Member of the Bridge Academy of West Houston and a Founding Member of the FLM Program.

    BETTY SAYS: I get to use my career marketing and communication skills! And volunteering really expanded my bridge community from 2 Partners…to now 5. As a result of Volunteering, I get to play regularly with some of the best players in Houston.

  • Cindy Cox

    FLM CoChair & Webmaster

    Cindy has volunteered in a number of roles at Clear Lake Bridge Club…from spot vacuuming after a game to installing Bridge Management software. She currently maintains the websites for both CLBC and FLM.

    CINDY SAYS: Volunteering in bridge is wonderful! I have made friends all over Houston and gotten to know some of our very best players. The best part is volunteering with FLM and getting to know our newest players

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LOOK who's volunteering!

Volunteers are the life-force of Bridge!

What would we do without them?! 




Carpool driver!


Ambassador for Sundays-at-Shriners and CLBC 199er games!


Hospitality...at CLBC joined the Mentor Game Luncheon Team!


Just relocated to Houston and already volunteering!  Ambassador!


Serving on the Unit Board! Set Up AND Clean Up for Sundays-at-Shriners! 


Hospitality...bringing his homemade hummus!


Tournament Volunteer...welcoming players at the I/N table!


Hospitality...at CLBC joined the Mentor Game Luncheon Team!


Ambassador at Tournaments and Online BBO FLM games. Check-in at Galveston Bridge Club.


Carpool driver! Ambassador!


Welcome table at Tournaments!


Welcome table at Tournaments!


FLM'S Star Baker...he makes all those delicious deserts for us!




Volunteering is the life-force behind the nonprofit world of bridge!  

Please join in the fun of sharing the energy to keep our bridge world running!  It's a great way to meet bridge players...maybe some of them will be future partners...and learn how the bridge world works. There are many, many small tasks.  And some big projects for those who like a bigger challenge.

Getting in on the ground floor, when you are new to bridge, is one of the best ways to engage.  Look through the areas of contribution and see what you find interesting...the email and phone numbers are provided for each person.  Reach out...we would love your help and you will meet so many new people!

Volunteer Coordinator

Please contact us to explore putting your talents to use in the bridge world! You will meet people, learn about managing the world of bridge…and maybe even meet potential bridge partners

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