Make Plans to attend the

April Election Sectional!

Apr 14 - 16 

April Sectional Flyer 

Needing a Partner?

Note the name and contact information for Partnership Chair.  Send them an email with the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Your MOBILE phone number
  • Your masterpoint level
  • The dates and games you prefer.



  Golden opportunities if you love to travel around Texas! 

To earn GOLD, you must play Double Session games which include Gold Rush Pairs and Swiss Teams.  You will register & pay for both the Morning and Afternoon Sessions.  

Unit 174 Tournaments

Within our Unit, we offer 5 Tournaments a year:

  • Lone Star REGIONAL is the largest Tournament in Texas each year.  This 7-day event happens in late Jan/early Feb.  Players come in from all over the country for this outstanding Tournament.
  • U174 also hosts 4 SECTIONAL Tournaments each year occuring April, June, Aug and Oct.  The April Sectional is especially signficant because our Unit holds its Annual Membership Meeting and Board Elections during this event.
  • SECTIONAL Tournaments are 3-4 day events.

We also have 5 NonLife Master ('NLM') Tournaments per year:

  • 499er
  • Hosted by Bridge Club of Houston

Tournaments winners at these events earn Silver, Red or Gold Masterpoints. Flyers are always avaiable for our Tournaments and can be found on the Unit Website and are frequently availabe at our full service local clubs. 

Making Plans to attend a Tournament

Line up your Partners!

You may need more than one Partner if you would like to attend multiple days. If you need help finding additional Partners, assistance is available from the Tournament in 2 ways:

IN ADVANCE:  Contact the Partnership Chair


  • Go to the Partnership Table and fill out the slip providing your name/phone/masterpoint level and game preference.
  • Hang out near Partnership to see if you get a match.
  • Keep your cell phone on you.  If you step away from the Partnership table, they will contact you via cell phone.

TOURNAMENT FLYERS always contain the contact information for the Partnership Chair.  See below an older flyer...look for the upcoming tournament flyer and start making plans!


Lunch plans🍎🥪🥤

When planning to play 2 sessions, plan ahead for lunch.  Many players bring their lunch, others grab a snack at the tournament and others go out for very fast food.  Remember though: the game starts on time and you do not want to stress yourself by being late.


What games will you play?

Check the flyer and discuss with Partner what events you want to try.  Is there a 0-50 game? a 199er game? a 299er game?  Can you get another Partner Pair and play in the Bracketed Swiss Teams?

  • Team games require you register and play in both the morning and afternoon session.
  • Winning Gold requires you play 2 pre-registered game blocks.  If you only play one game you will not receive Gold awards even if you come in First Place.
  • It is a disappointment when you plan to play in a 0-50 game and there are not enough players so that event is canceled.  YOU HAVE A BACKUP!  You can play in the 299er game...the game (all games) are stratified so you will likely be in the C Stratification and can win your be fearless!
  • Playing in a larger game has a huge benefit:  you get to meet more people!

Be Sociable!

Wear a name tag. Introduce yourself to Opponents at every table.  Inquire about their local club. 

A couple minutes of cordiality relaxes you and helps you play better bridge.

It's hard to imagine when you are new to Tournament bridge...but you will get to know your Opponents over time.  You will see each other year-after-year.  Some may become a Partner and a Friend.

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Volunteer at Tournaments!

How do you get to know your bridge community?  


There are many jobs at Tournaments (see our page on Volunteering Volunteering in Bridge)


  • Get the Tournament Flyer (always on the Unit Website, often at full-service clubs)
  • Go to the Flyer section featuring Chairpersons
  • Contact the Chairperson for your area of interest and let them know you are available.

YOU WILL BE REWARDED by Volunteering!  You get to know so many people, learn more about our bridge community and expand your network of potential partners.  Not to mention...if you enjoy Tournaments, volunteering is your way to contribute to the effort of hosting these major events.

Entry Express for Regional Tournaments

    Try it out!


Now players can pre-register for Regional Tournaments.  

This new program makes planning to attend a Tournment easier.   Click the link below to see how the system works.

Description of the Entry Express system


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