FLM is focused on programs that encourage and support the Newest players with 0-99 Masterpoints.  

We work to assure that local Face-to-Face games are available with Stratifications well-suited to new players.  We currently work with both the Bridge Academy of West Houston and the Bridge Club of Houston to reach a critical mass of players with relaxed and fun 199ers games.  We expect to expand this offering in 2023.

We work to provide BBO Games for limited masterpoint games of 0-20 and 0-49.  These games are especially useful for students just learning the game.


  • Bridge BuddyMentored Pairs...for developing Partnerships
    • Connecting Intermediate players with the Newest players as a personal go-to resource for the many questions of beginners.
    • A great Volunteer role for Intermediates
  • Social events that introduce and connect the Newest players.  Great for meeting new partners!

Are you interested in Volunteering to help Houston bridge grow with newer players?  Contact us!  Email: Volunteer Possibilites!


Contact Us

Send us an email if you have questions about the Future Life Masters program, Unit 174 Games & Tournaments or what can be done to make the journey of our FLMers more enjoyable! We want to hear from you!

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