Tips for finding Bridge Partners:

  • Bridge Classes are a great place to find Partners!  
  • Spread the word!  Let your bridge friends know you need a Partner...for a specific game...then see where it goes from there.
  • Mentor Programs.  While you are playing with your Mentor, let them know you need Partners and see if they know of other newer players who may also be looking.
  • Partnership Desk. Tournaments always have a Partnership Desk where they will assist in trying to match you with a Player at a game.  Your best chance is to email the Partnership Chair BEFORE the Tournament and let them know what day/game you want to play.
  • Club websites.  There may be functionality for Partnership connections...either automated or assisted.  


Once you find them...keep them!

  • Always be kind to your Partner.
  • Save questions and concerns for AFTER the game. Criticism at the table is very damaging:
    • Partner is so agitated they are distracted on many subsequent deals.
    • Opponents exposed to criticism think badly of the critic and a bad reputation will be spread.
    • Opponents seeing self-control and courtesy in the face of mistakes will spread the news of a friendlly and patient will be in big demand as a Partner!
  • Avoid canceling games at the last minute.
    • If your Partner must cancel, be gracious.
  • PREPARE for the game.  Review your Convention Card and other Partnership notes.  Avoid frenzied, last-minute  arrivals.  Be early, register and socialize for a few minutes to relax before the game.
  • Remember to have FUN!


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Can we help?

We will do our best to find you a Partner...but give us plenty of time. This could take multiple phone calls and emails. And there's no time to start like NOW! Send an email and provide: In addition to the contact information, please let us know if your interest is for a specific game. Please also provide your ACBL# and BBO Name (if you play online)

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