Susan Banks-Johnson & Andy Remson

Beginning Bridge at Bridge Club of Houston with Susan Banks-Johnson and Andy Remson!

LIVE from's Saturday morning! 

🎉 A new bridge class model:

SAME MATERIAL on the SAME Saturdays!  Out of town?  Home sick? Too many errands to run?  Can't make Face-to-face but can spare a couple of hours from home?  ZOOM & BBO!  

Teachers Susan and Sam have students set up for BOTH courses so you can 'Mix & Match'. In-Person some weeks...Online BBO other weeks.


       LIVE, In Person!

  •  Saturday mornings at 10:00 AM at BCOH in Spring, TX
    • with Susan & Andy

       Live, ONLINE!

  • Saturday mornings at 9:00AM on BBO
    • with Sam Khayatt*


  • SUPERVISED PLAY GAMES combine the students from online lessons and f2f lessons
    • One or both! 
    • Saturday and Sunday
      • July 15 at BCOH
      • July 16 at BCOH + Sam's Zoomers
      • Aug 26 at BCOH
      • Aug 27 at BCOH + Sam's Zoomers
      • Oct    7 at BCOH
      • Oct    9 at BCOH + Sam's Zoomers


*Sam Khayatt teaching online using Zoom and BBO.  Click here for more on her class Sam Khayatt Beginning Bridge Classes      

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