January 2024 Beginning Bridge

 NEW beginning bridge classes

starting January 13, 2024

Sam Khayatt’s Bridge Bio

🎓         Sam was awarded the 2021 D16 Teacher of the Year!


♣️ In 2021, Sam earned the Goodwill Award for District 16

If you have been to the Lone Star Regional, you surely saw Sam as she managed a large group of volunteers at the Hopsitality Desk.  It's a very big job and Sam does it brilliantly! 


♣️  During the pandemic, Sam worked tirelessly creating the Virtual Club for Bridge Club of Houston and was instrumental in creating the cooperative effort "CHOOSE HOUSTON!"


♣️   In 2021 Sam pioneered Houston's first online bridge course for Beginning Bridge players.  That Saturday morning class continues to be a popular offering for many who are still working!


♣️   Currently, Sam wears 2 hats:  

  • Sam is the D16 I/N Coordinator and works with all Units in the District to provide assistance for their Newcomer programs.
  • Sam is the Program Coordinator for Unit 174's Future Life Master initiative.


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Meet Sam Khayatt !

Sam's Contact information

Phone:  617-515-4804

Email:  4Notrumplessons@gmail.com


Sam's Teaching Philosophy

The best thing about bridge is the people who play it and the same is no less true about the people who are learning to play it. Spending two to three hours with a group of engaged, smart, enthusiastic players is just plain fun.

My approach to teaching is more that of a player-coach than that of a lecturing college professor. On the first day of our Beginning Bridge class, we establish a partnership that encompasses all the students, all the table hosts and me. We structure the class activities so that the mimic as closely as possible the conditions of a real BBO or F2F game.


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