In Person Games

Listed are LOCAL Club games ... this is a great place to meet people and find local partners! 

FLM 99er Game

 Thank you all for playing in our first FLM 99er game last Sunday!  We had a great turnout!


We're working to have another one in August!  Stay tuned!!

Congratulations to our 1st Place Winners!


Aisha May & Anna Haine


Kelly Harp & Sally Ward

Why Play F2F?

Face-to-Face games strengthen your play and 'teach you the ropes' about table-play: the mechanics of a duplicate game

  • Electronic score entries using Bridge Mate &/or Bridge Pads
  • Keeping a physical Partnership Convention Card
  • Experiencing the various physical game movements.
  • MOST OF ALL...enjoying the sociability of being at a table with friends!

Still learning, the players are often discussing the best classes they have taken, best bridge books they've read, what websites are the most useful, how to participate in a Regional or Sectional Tournament.

We are fortunate to live in the Greater Houston area where our bridge community is large and can support many games..and we are WILLING TO OFFER many more games when our Membership ask!  Email if you and your group have another date/time that works better for you and we will see if we can facilitate a game offering:        Let us know if you have an idea for a new game!

The player network grows with each level of Advancement...making new bridge friends along the way.  Start your bridge development locally with some of these games:

  • 199er game at CLBC Wednesdays at 2:00 PM
  • 299er game on Select Sundays at Shriners (check the website for the date of each months game)
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