Planning your games?

We are consolidating the information about I/N games offered all over Greater Houston's Unit 174.  

This includes regular and special games with upper Masterpoint limits 0f 299er...keep in mind that the Stratification of masterpoint level will mean that the newest players who may have few masterpoints are capable of winning their 'strat'.  

Weekly games offered at clubs

  • 199er & 299er games at Clear Lake Bridge Club
  • 299er games at Bridge Academy of West Houston

299er Sunday games

  • Once a month at Arabia Shriner - hosted by BAWH

Special 299er games

  • Once a month Saturday game at Bridge Club of Houston
  • Once a month Monday game at Apple Club

Area Tournaments

  • Lone Star Regional
  • Unit Sectionals held at Arabia Shriners
  • Non-Life Master Sectionals held at clubs
    • Bridge Club of Houston (5 of them!)
    • Bridge Academy of West Houston at Arabia Shriners



Tournament attendance

Most tournaments offer a "Partnership Chair".  This is a person to contact who attempts to match all singletons with Partners.  Always check the Tournament Flyer to see who is the Partnership Chair and to review the game options.

Tournament Flyers are generally posted on the Unit Website: Unit website link



We are also including the local BBO games for players with under 99 Masterpoints.

We hope you will join these games and get comfortable with your partner. It's a great stepping stone from bridge school to table-play. And another great place to 'meet' local players with whom you become friends and partners. 

Contact Mary Ellen Vail to include you in the Player list...then register for the games anytime you are available.

No Partner?  Try Registering for the game under 'Parntership' and perhaps you will be matched with partner you come to enjoy and play regularly on BBO and 'at the table'. 

BBO offers many other games for newer the website!  Keep in mind, games only populate the queue 2 hours before start time.  So you may need to check the website regularly until you find a game that fits your schedule.

Log in to BBO then search "FLM"

Helpful hint:  you must keep money in your BBO account to play.  Purchase your BBO$ on a computer...NOT a mobile device like an ipad (BBO$ purchased on an iPad have a 20% Surcharge! surcharge on a computer!)

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